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The MultiWordNet project

  • The approach
  • The semi-automatic creation of MultiWordNet
  • What's in MultiWordNet
  • How MultiWordNet is used in Natural Language Processing applications

    How MultiWordNet is used in Natural Language Processing applications

    MultiWordNet can be used for a variety of Natural Language Processing tasks including:

    • Information Retrieval: synonymy relations are used for query expansion to improve the recall of IR; cross language correspondences between Italian and English synsets are used for Cross Language Information Retrieval.
    • Semantic tagging: MultiWordNet constitutes a large coverage sense inventory which is the basis for semantic tagging, i.e. texts are tagged with synset identifiers.
    • Disambiguation: Semantic relationships are used to measure the semantic distance between words, which can be used to disambiguate the meaning of words in texts. Also semantic fields have proved to be very useful for the disambiguation task.
    • Ontologies: MultiWordNet can be seen as an ontology to be used for a variety of knowledge-based NLP tasks.
    • Terminologies: MultiWordNet constitutes a robust framework supporting the development of specific structured terminologies.

    See the "Related work" page to know more about the projects related to MultiWordNet that we are carrying out here in the HLT research unit.

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