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Distribution data format

MultiWordNet distribution is composed of 11 files, including 10 tables representing a dump of the mySQL database, and 1 text file:

  • common_relations.sql lists all the semantic relations that are common to all languages INSERT INTO common_relations VALUES ('*','v#00001740','v#00003763',NULL);

  • english_relations.sql and italian_relations.sql contain the relations that are language dependent. These relations are instances of the standard lexical relations used in Princeton WordNet (e.g. antonymy, pertains to, etc.). INSERT INTO english_relations VALUES ('!','v#00009549','v#00009666','rest','be_active',NULL);

  • english_synsets.sql and italian_synsest.sql contain the English and Italian synsets (most of them are aligned with the Princeton WordNet but some are new ones)
  • INSERT INTO english_synsets VALUES ('n#00008864',' plant flora plant_life ','a living organism lacking the power of locomotion');

  • english_index.sql and italian_index.sql contain the lists of the English and Italian lemmas. The purpose of these tables is to retrive very quickly the synset ids and the possible searches starting from a lemma in all its PoS.
  • INSERT INTO italian_index VALUES ('parlamentare','#m @','@ ~',NULL,NULL, 'n#07457674',' v#00518082','a#02590962',NULL);

  • semfield.sql contains one or more domain labels (version 1.1.1) for each synset in MultiWordNet. Domain labels are language-independent and apply to both English and Italian synsets
  • INSERT INTO semfield VALUES ('n#00028871','Aeronautic Tourism','Aeronautica Turismo');

  • semfield_hierarchy.sql contains the hierarchy of the 164 domain labels used to tag MultiWordNet synsets
  • INSERT INTO semfield_hierarchy VALUES (25,'Sport','Sport','Sport','Free_Time','Badminton Baseball Basketball Cricket Football Golf Rugby Soccer Table_Tennis Tennis Volleyball Cycling Skating Skiing Hockey Mountaineering Rowing Swimming Sub Diving Racing Athletics Wrestling Boxing Fencing Archery Fishing Hunting Bowling');

  • english_frame.sql contains the subcategorization frames of the English verbs. Up to now, Italian verbs do not have this kind of information.
  • INSERT INTO english_frame VALUES ('v#00182674',8,'get_over');

  • verb-frames.txt contains the list of the 35 different kinds of subcategorization frames for English verbs, each identified by a progressive number from 1 to 35.
  • 1 Something ----s

    35 Something ----s INFINITIVE

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