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Become a contributor

To guarantee the quality of the resource, MultiWordNet data are manually checked by expert lexicographers. It is of course of primary importance for us to receive bug reports, comments, and advice of any kind.

If you are willing to contribute to the improvement of MultiWordNet you should login at our Access page. If you are not registered yet, you can register as a user at our Registration page .

A new Bug Report service is now active directly from the MultiWordNet interface. It allows the MultiWordNet user to submit proposals for changes to the synsets.The proposals will be cheched by our lexicographers and, if the changes are appropriate to the MultiWordNet model, the synsets will be modified.

The MultiWordNet "Bug Report" form is accessible through the icon which is displayed next to each modifiable synset in the multiset cards area in the right-hand side of the MultiWordNet interface. The icon is available only when the contributor is logged in and has selected a particular synset from the overview in the left-hand side of the MultiWorNet interface. It is possible to send bug reports only for Italian synsets and for the English synsets created by ITC-irst. It is not possible to propose modifications to the original English Princeton synsets.

The "Bug Report" form referes to a synset and allows the MultiWordNet contributor to propose to:

  • add new words or delete existing ones
  • add new phrases or delete existing ones*
  • add examples of usage of words or phrases
  • add or delete domain labels associated to the synset**
  • add or modify the definition of a synset
  • write comments

* With the term phrase we refer to a free combination of words which is currently used to express a concept. As these kinds of expressions are not lexical units, they cannot be put in the synset together with lexical units. Thus another data structure, called "Phraset", is linked to a synset and contains all the phrases related to that synset. As an example, the Italian free combination of words "strofinaccio dei piatti" is synonymous with the words "strofinaccio" and "canovaccio" but it is not a lexical unit. Thus, the English synset {dishrag, dishcloth} has a corresponding Italian synset {canovaccio, canavaccio, strofinaccio} which has also a phraset {strofinaccio_dei_piatti}.

** Each synset in MultiWordNet has been labeled with at least one domain label (e.g. medicine, sports, law, etc.), selected from a set of about two hundred labels hierarchically organized. The MultiWordNet contributor can choose one or more domain labels among those available in the list and add it/them to the synset.

The "Bug Report" window also reports the history of all the reports created by the user.

If you are a registered user and wish to do a bug report go to the On-line interface.

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